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Taichung Flora Exposition to present Taiwan's longest paper cutting-inspired artwork 2018-05-15
Taiwanese paper cutting artist Yang Shih-yi (·¨¤h¼Ý) is going to create the nation¡¦s longest paper cutting-inspired art installation made from a thin shield of iron for the upcoming Taichung World Flora Exposition in November.

According to the Taichung City Government, the iron-made artwork will measure 240 meters in length and only 0.2 centimeters in width.

The theme of the paper-cutting project is ¡§happy times shared by humans and nature.¡¨ Yang will integrate images of animals endemic to Taiwan and phrases created by children into his work.

Yang said his creation would be focused on flowers, trees, and land. With red as its base, he would create paper-cutting images of nature and animals, while at the same time incorporating messages from children who had been inspired by nature, added Yang.

Yang said he hoped the images in his work, such as the image of a child reclining by a tree and a phrase that goes ¡§Thank you for being with us in sad moments,¡¨ or the image with a small hill and a sentence reading ¡§In my mind I call you home¡¨ would bring comfort to visitors.

Huang Yu-lin (¶À¥ÉÀM), an official from the city government, said the curating concept of the flora exposition was based on the landscape and natural environment from three districts in Taichung, including Houli, Fengyuan, and Waipu.

We hoped visitors would appreciate the creative energy of Taiwanese artists, added Huang

37-year-old Yang has only been a paper cutting artist for four years. Apart from that, he is also a filmmaker with several short films nominated for domestic and international film festivals, such as the International Short Film Festival Berlin.

In 2017, Yang created a large-scale paper cutting-inspired installation for Apple¡¦s first store in Taiwan. Yang covered the entire façade of the store¡¦s construction site in Taipei 101 with red paper-cutting images. Apple's CEO Tim Cook later posted a picture on his Twitter to promote the campaign.

By Teng Pei-ju,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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