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Taoyuan, Taiwan to host the 22nd Sumo World Championship tournament 2018-04-10
It was announced on April 9 that the city of Taoyuan will host the 2018 Sumo World and Asian Championships this year, to be held from July 20 – July 22 at the Taoyuan Arena.

A press conference was held on April 9 where representatives from the city, International Sumo Federation, and the Taiwanese Sumo Association, all signed contracts and publicly announced the event. It is expected that the tournament will attract over 250 athletes from 30 countries to participate.

The city of Taoyuan, and the Taiwan Sumo Association placed their bid last year along with many other countries to host the 2018 tournament during an International Sumo League council event in Poland last year.

After finally being selected, the Taiwan Sumo Association and the Mayor of Taoyuan, Zheng Wencan (鄭文燦) formally welcomed representatives from the International Sumo Federation to Taiwan, at the press conference in Taoyuan.

The conference was held at Taoyuan’s Daxi Zhongzheng Park (大溪中正公園) which was built during the Japanese colonial era, and has since been maintained. A ceremonial sumo match was held as part of the press conference under one of the park’s traditional Japanese style pavilions.

The mayor was quoted by CNA as saying that Sumo is a very difficult sport that combines strength, wisdom, and speed. He also said that while the Sumo wrestler used to be a very specifically Japanese symbol, the sport has now spread across the world and may soon become an Olympic event.

This year’s tournament will be the 22nd official world Championship of the International Sumo Federation, after a one year hiatus after the previous tournament in Ulann Bataar, Mongolia. It will be the second time the tournament has been held in Taiwan, having been previously hosted in Kaohsiung in 2014.

By Duncan DeAeth,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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