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Taiwan¡¦s Tourism Bureau premieres video promoting train tours around Taiwan 2018-03-30
Taiwan¡¦s Tourism Bureau on March 28 premiered a video promoting train tours around Taiwan for international tourists who like to arrange their own itineraries.

The video titled ¡§Touring Taiwan by Train¡¨ was shot from the first person perspective to portray the experiences of a traveler touring Taiwan by train. The trains shown in the video include those of the Taiwan High Speed Rail and TRA¡¦s round-the-island lines, the Forest Alishan Forest Railways, and a couple of branch lines.

The video includes scenes of a train speeding through golden rice fields in the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan, an Alishan Forest Railway train going up the mountain along the zigzag tracks, a DSC1001 Diesel Rail Car running through the Green Tunnel on the Jiji Line, and Changhua Fan-shaped Train Head Depot.

The scenes in the video also include attractions near the train lines, such as the Southern Branch of The National Palace Museum in Chiayi, Taipei 101, Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Field in Tainan, Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum, and Pingxi in New Taipei City.

Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui (©P¥Ã·u) said that Taiwan is strewn with characteristic towns and it¡¦s a good way to reach these towns by taking advantage of the combination of the railway network, Taiwan Tour Bus and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.

As the Tourism Bureau described travel by train in Taiwan, ¡§Taiwan's convenience isn¡¦t just found in the big cities. Explore the entire island through the joys of train travel! Whether you are looking for the quickest way to go from north to south or a scenic ride to the countryside, the trains in Taiwan will take you there.¡¨

Touring Taiwan by Train

By George Liao,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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