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Watch sakura in the moonlight: 2018 LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival in Taipei・s Neihu 2018-03-06
With cherry blossom trees blooming in Taipei・s Neihu District, it・s time to visit Neihu and enjoy the feast of sakura flowers in the moonlight, according to Taipei・s Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO). The 2018 LOHAS Night Cherry Blossoms Festival is taking place in the vicinity of LOHAS Park in Neihu until March 11.

PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan said that the continuous effort in planting cherry blossoms at the riverbank next to LOHAS Park has yielded amazing results. With sakura blooming every year around February, the sea of pink and red flowers has become a signature landscape, attracting flower enthusiasts from neighboring areas during this time of the year, he added.

To illuminate the blooming cherry blossoms, PSLO has installed 39 new LED illumination devices at the famed :cherry blossom walkway; inside LOHAS Park, according to the PSLO. The lamps will light up the beauty of the different sakura trees, including Fuji cherry, Yae cherry, Yoshino cherry, and Taiwan cherry along the 3-kilometer path, the agency said.

The lights are up from 6 p.m. through 10 p.m. during the festival period. For more information on the cherry blossom-viewing festival, please visit the Facebook fan page of the event (Chinese)

Public Transportation Information

To get to LOHAS Park, visitors taking public transportation have the following options:

By MRT: Disembark at MRT Donghu Station. The LOHAS Park is a short walk taking roughly 12 minutes.

By Bus: LOHAS Park is a 2-minute walk away from Donghu Community bus stop (buses 53, 281, 287, 630, 646, S1, BR19, BL12, and BL51) and a 5-minute walk from Donghu Elementary School bus stop (buses 203, 284, 629, 677, 711, 896, 903, BL36, BR19, and Neihu Line).

By George Liao,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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