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Go enjoy the best Fall bike rides in eastern Taiwan 2017-10-06
Known for some of the most stunning bike routes in the country, Taitung County is offering bike & bus tour packages to promote an eco-friendly and low-carbon way of traveling in the golden season. This year, the new addition of a ˇ§Dawu-Jinlong Lakeˇ¨ bike route is making cycling in Taitung the most enjoyable experience to many travelers.

Following a two-year hiatus of the fireworks display to celebrate the founding of the nation, Taitung this year was tapped to host the Double Ten National Day celebrations and fireworks display. Huge crowds are expected. Among them, some are looking for a perfect travel experience, and local experts are recommending a tour package that blends cycling with camping that allows travelers to bike around in a relaxing manner.

The Guanshan bike route is one of the best in Taiwan and is a quiet getaway. Other famous routes in Taitung include Chishang bike trail, Luye Longtian bike trail and Taitung Mountain/Ocean bike trail.

A one-day sightseeing tour guided by a local tour specialist is a smart option for firework goers outside Taitung. The tour includes a bike trip on Taitung Mountain-Ocean Biking Lane, an indigenous style lunch, a tour to an organic tea farm to brew tea and an eco tour at Fushan Fish Reserve, with the last stop at the fireworks display spot. You can also extend your stay to explore Taitungˇ¦s stunning coastline and indigenous culture.

The one-day tour package is now provided at a discount rate of NT$650 per person. For some other special offers of tour packages, call 089-226855 or visit the Taitung Tour Page.
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