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'2017-18 Taiwan Hot Spring' to promote .new hot spring style・ 2017-09-30
Taiwan・s Tourism Bureau launched the :2017-18 Taiwan Hot Spring; festival that will see hot spring areas across Taiwan holding a series of promotional activities for the remainder of this year and going into next year, including promotion of the :new hot spring style; concept that encourages people to make visiting a hot spring into a daily habit.

Most Taiwanese people are under the mistaken impression that going to a hot spring is not a part of daily life but a luxury to enjoy only in the seasons of autumn and winter, according to the bureau. The concept is contrary to the prevailing view among people of other countries that visiting a hot spring is health-enhancing activity that can be done year-round.

This misconception has created the hot spring off-season in Taiwan, according to the Tourism Bureau. Therefore, the series of the promotional activities is aimed at turning visiting a hot spring into a daily habit in Taiwan and giving a strong boost to Taiwan・s hot spring tourism, according to the bureau.

Highlighting the :new hot spring style,; the 2017-18 Taiwan Hot Spring festival launch ceremony was attended by VIPs and guests wearing casual shorts and slippers to convey the idea that visiting hot spring is a casual activity that can be enjoyed at anytime.

The 2017 Taiwan Hot Spring is divided into the two regions of the south and north, with the south focusing on the promotion of hot spring in Guanziling, Baolai and Sihjhongsi and the north focusing on the hot spring of Beitou, Wulai and Jinshan. Operators in these hot spring areas will collectively start promotional activities in their respective areas this autumn and winter, offering early bird benefits for the autumn and winter as well as preferential packages for the coming spring and summer.

Tourism Bureau also said that the hot spring area of Wulai, although hit hard by the 2015 Typhoon Soudelor, has completely recovered, and its promotional activity will be launched in December in hopes that local tourism can be revived.

By George Liao,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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